Green PE film-black double-sided foam glue

Green PE film-black double-sided foam glue

Model No.︰厚1mm/寬10M

Brand Name︰YIU-LIAN

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Product Description

Green film black adhesive double-sided tape is a double-sided tape using PE as the base material and composite release paper.

It has excellent comprehensive performance, strong adhesion, good weather resistance, waterproof and solvent resistance, aging resistance, and uneven The surface has a better fit effect.

It can be used for general pasting in automobiles, brand-name pasting, cell phones, digital punching pasting, and shock-proof electronic products.

Material: PE base material Features: strong initial tack, easy to peel off and not easy to leave glue.

The thickness is 1mm, the width can be cut according to customer requirements, the meter is 10M.

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